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201351_f1ddbf66d1cc475186817133b6e41dafBrittany Burnham

NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer
AdvoCare Advisor
CPR & AED Certified

Brittany Burnham is a local entrepreneur with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the State University of Albany. She completed her post graduate work at Temple University in Philadelphia, where she received her M.Ed in Sports Administration. Sports and fitness have shaped her into the strong, independent woman she is today. Since she was a little girl, Britt was always active and led her teams both on the court and in the field. From a three sport athlete in high school to playing Division I softball at the University of Albany, Brittany believed in setting high goals. Even at a young age, she was driven, motivated, and had that “no fear” attitude. At the age of twenty-six, Britt was offered the opportunity of a lifetime position as the youngest female athletic director in the Capital Region at the Albany Leadership Charter High School for Girls.



During this time, Brittany tore three ligaments in her knee playing recreational basketball. Two surgeries later, along with a full year of physical therapy, led to an unhealthy mindset and atrophied body. Her doctor told her that she would never bounce back athletically. Soon after, her professional life was put on hold when she became a single mother.

During this tough transition, Britt began doing some HiiT workouts in her basement. While Bria would nap, Britt started designing her own fitness routines with nothing but an iPhone timer, resistance bands and her own body weight. For the first three months, she trained 6 days per week for 30-40 minutes. Britt was quick to notice the physical changes but more importantly, she grew stronger both mentally and emotionally. This new therapy became Brittany’s point of no return.

After experiencing these changes in such a short amount of time, Britt knew it was time to get back into the professional world of fitness. In June of 2015, she held two free weeks of HiiT classes in her backyard. Eight girls committed and decided to continue working out 3x/week. With no money, these workouts happened. The backyard gym consisted of sandbags, resistance bands, chairs, a medicine ball, a pair of dumbbells and recycled tires. Two months later in Rosemont Park, Britt found herself training twenty hitters 2x/day.



In the beginning of October, Brittany found it necessary to move her twenty hitters to an indoor cheer facility where she offered seven classes a week. While building her program, this ambitious young lady worked two other side jobs to support her baby and herself. In December, Britt took the risk, and decided to focus on the gym full-time. Almost one year later, HiiT It with Britt has become one of the capital region’s leading fitness programs. With approximately two hundred hitters and six classes being offered per day, in a spacious, 8,000 square foot warehouse, Brittany Burnham has turned her passion and dream into purpose. Giving back to her community provides Brittany the feeling that she can inspire and will continue to motivate clients to become the best they can be through this unique and rewarding experience. HiiTers are seeing results and are happy to be a part of the FHiiT Family!