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It is with this priority that I will strive to make a life changing experience for all women at ALL levels; creating more than just an online health and fitness environment but a family.


What are YOUR Health & Fitness Goals?


You have to have a vision for what your life & your health might look like. What drives YOU to achieve your goals? When envisioning your goals, focus on both short and long term but look at the BIG picture.


Kate Hutchins

Since joining HIWB in April of last year my results have been dramatic. Thanks to Britt and her high-energy, dynamic classes and personality, I have quite literally transformed. However, in late 2016 I hit a bit of a plateau. I was still loving the workouts, but my changes weren’t as dramatic as they had been.Then the opportunity came along for me to join Britt and dozens of women from around the country at the Team FiiT photo shoot in Florida. Britt helped me customize extra workouts and a strict diet plan that allowed me to see amazing results. In three months I lost 20 inches, 10 lbs. and was noticeably stronger and more toned. I can’t express enough how much it helped having Britt there to motivate and guide me along the way. I’ve learned so much from her in just the last 12 months and I can’t wait to see what else this year brings!

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HiiT Life is for YOU

– it advocates living a balanced, happy and healthy life.


10 Week All-Inclusive
Training Program


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For all the “busy women” out there, this fitness and nutrition program is for YOU! Busy Moms, Working Professionals, Traveling Women, Vacationers, or those that simply don’t have access or want to be in a gym, this program goes where you do.

The HiiT Life Online
Program allows you the opportunity to reach your fitness and wellness goals with minimal equipment and time. It can be done at home, at a hotel, at the track, the park, the beach and offers you the flexibility of fitness on your terms and schedule.

This 10 week online program is designed to get you results and provides you with:


*To get the most out of this program, you’re are highly encouraged to purchase “portable fitness equipment.” The program uses:

These items are not included in the cost of the program and can be purchased from any major sporting goods retailer or online commerce site. You may use the program without these suggested pieces of portable fitness equipment, however for optimal results it is highly suggested to make this small investment.


Taryn Roselli

I was an overweight mom of three who wanted to lose 10 lbs. I was running on a treadmill to nowhere, I was bored and needed a different routine. Then I found Brittany and her program. 6 months later I was 30 lbs lighter and 4 sizes smaller. After seeing my results, my husband wanted to join the program too. Having his support and the support of so many fabulous, strong women has made this journey not only easy but fun! We hold each other accountable and they have become some of my closest friends.

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Think about this: The average personal training session runs anywhere from $45-$100 an hour.

My accessible pricing and value of my program is worth the investment.

Averaging $23 a week, you will save more than wasting your money on a personal trainer. It’s time to focus on YOU because you deserve it!

10 Week All-Inclusive Training Program $235


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Ready to Get Paid to Help Women Live Healthier and Happier Lives? Become A HiiT Life Coach!

Why be a HiiT Life Ambassador Coach?

As an Ambassador Coach with HiiT Life, you’ll have access to our online training program, credibility,

support and resources to help you build a successful global online fitness business.

You will learn directly from master trainer, Brittany Burnham, who has transformed hundreds of

women’s minds and bodies. At 34-years of age, Britt has mastered the fitness industry creating several

highly successful business ventures from the ground up, including her 8,000 square foot gym in Albany,

N.Y. Britt can help you learn how to open a gym, build your own brand, work with clients online,

implement marketing strategies, and create your own wealth in the fitness industry with her

background, experience and credentials.

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